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BRAHMS – Es geht ein Wehen, Song Op.62/6 – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA


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Johnstone Creations – Johannes BRAHMS – Songs Op.62 – this music has been specially produced for Four Cellos. Also with the possibility of being rehearsed/performed by Cello Orchestra / use in the Cello class etc.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – SCORE and ALL individual cello parts (14 pages in all)


General difficulty of the music – other brief Information:



David Johnstone has included 5 of the 7 songs by Brahms published as his Opus 62 and presented them as romantic and sensitive settings for four cellos (or larger ensembles when doubling the parts). The harmonic importance is shared almost equally amongst all four cello parts in every song, though Cello 1 has the most memorable melodic lines. The transportation into other keys of all five pieces has been proposed so that:

Cello 1 is placed up to a maximum of 7th position, but does not use thumb position at any moment. Tenor clef is sometimes used. Cellos 2, 3 and 4 never extend beyond 4th position, and are always found in the bass (F) clef. For all the parts extensions are frequently found.


The complete list of song titles in the “Johnstone set” is:

BRAHMS – Rosmarin  (Rosemary), Song Op.62/1 – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA

BRAHMS – Waldesnacht, Song (Gloom of Woods), Op.62/3 – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA

BRAHMS – Dein Herzlein mild (Thou gente girl), Song Op.62/4 – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA

BRAHMS – Es geht ein Wehen (I hear a sighing), Song Op.62/6 – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA

BRAHMS – Vergangen ist mir Glück und Heil (Of ev’ry joy I am bereft), Song Op.62/7 – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA

All are available individually for a token fee of €1 and come complete with general score and all individual parts. The music has been bowed`by Johnstone, and fingering suggestions are occasionally shown too.


This musical creation was originally prepared for: Paula Gómez and her cello ensemble from Sabiñanigo (Aragón, Spain)


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P.S. If you ever record this music (preferably onto YouTube) we would be delighted to add YOUR link here and in the Audio-Video section of the Web …

Enjoy the music !!


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