CONSOLATION (CONSUELO) – String Quartet/Quintet/String Orchestra


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Johnstone Creations – DAVID JOHNSTONE – Consolation/Consuelo – this music has been specially produced for String Quartet, with possibilities for String Quintet or String Orchestra interpretation

Download Contents or Instructions:
PDF 1 – Parts for Violin I and Violin II  (11 pages in all)
PDF 2 – Parts for Viola and Cello, with optional double bass  (18 pages in all)
PDF 2 – General Score – offered TWICE, quartet and quintet (25 pages in all)

The composition ‘Consuelo’ (or ‘Consolation’ in English) as a musical present to his friend Consuelo Pola (on the office staff of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra), much appreciated by the composer. It is a highly lyrical work, set in a modern romanticism with the soul of ‘comfort’ o ‘consolation’, perhaps in the line of film soundtrack music. However, at the same time it is structured with a principal melody and another secondary fragment which are developed by variation, transformation and modulations which give the piece more weight than a simple song, perhaps being rather more a chamber ‘Sonatina’.

There also exists the interesting possibility of this being played by string quintet – normal quartet with a double bass – which in theory could well become even of interest to string orchestras Therefore all five string parts are offered for download, even though more often or not a double bass will not be needed. The score is offered twice in the same download – the simplified bass part from the cello line is not shown in the first quartet score for ease of reading for chamber quartets, but is noted (at real pitch) in the following quintet/orchestral score.

Finally, in concert performances, please title the piece as you prefer: Consuelo or Consolation (or give the two languages!).

Duration: 7’ 30”

This musical creation was originally written for:
Consuelo Pola

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Enjoy the music !!



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