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JOHNSTONE – DOUBLE CONCERTANTE – Solo Violin, Solo Cello and Orchestra [with complete orchestral material]


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Johnstone Creations – DOUBLE CONCERTANTE (Konzertstucke – Concert Piece) – for Solo Violin, Solo Violoncello and Chamber Orchestra

Download Contents or Instructions:
PDF 1 – Soloist parts for Violin and Cello (43 pages in all)
PDF 2 – Conductor Orchestral General Score (89 pages in all)
PDF 3 – All Orchestral String parts (44 pages in all)
PDF 4 – All Orchestral Wind parts (19 pages in all)
PDF 5 – Piano Reduction for rehearsals (37 pages in all)

Brief Information:
The Double Concertante of David Johnstone is scored for solo Violin, solo Violoncello and Orchestra (strings, 2 oboes and 2 horns). Structurally the work is cast in a precise sonata form, with a healthy and sturdy development section; and the full cadenza forms a transition during the re-exposition coming between the second subject (which appears first as a great orchestral tutu) and the first subject group, before a brief coda.  The technical demands of the writing for the soloists are probably on a par with that of the Brahms Double concerto. It is tonal, with certain influences from Prokofiev and as far back as Schumann. The music has been excellently edited in the ‘Sibelius 5’ programme, this being undertaken by Carlos Ariel Gracia Baez.

Dedicated to the Argentinian cello soloist Leo Viola

Any known possible links of this music (audio, video, article etc.):
Recording of the premiere: Solistas: Edison Russo (violin) Pablo G. Pizarro (cello) /
Director: Mto. Leo Viola / Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil Municipal (Municipal Youth Orchestra) de Gral. San Martín
Parte I [solo violin, solo cello and chamber orchestra
Parte II [solo violin, solo cello and chamber orchestra

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Enjoy the music !!



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