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Johnstone Creations – JOHNSTONE-GOUNOD-BACH- Ave Maria – this music has been prepared for varied formations (see below)


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PDF 1 – Individual parts for all three instruments (17 pages in all) – Four Accordions  (no score)



The C major Prelude of J.S. Bach is very well known, and with the wonderful melody incorporated above – Ave Maria, sung or instrumentally played – by Charles Gounod, it has become increasingly ever more famous. However, there it has stood unchanged for over one hundred years. As a new development, I thought, why not incorporate a precious melody ‘on top’ of the on-top melody (Gounod)?! So that is exactly what I have done. The second voice features the original Gounod melody, and the originality – a part floating above angelically – interprets the new Johnstone contribution. I hope that neither master would be angry at my new important melodic additions, which now give the piece a rather more intense symphonic and romantic feel. Given that this becomes a mix of three, the official title should perhaps be like this: Johnstone-Gounod-Bach “Ave Maria”.

There are numerous different versions of this Johnstone-produced piece; nearly all the trio possibilities are listed in the ‘Downloads for Trios’ section of the Web, but you can also find it for 6 Cellos, or 4 Accordions!  Additionally there is a version for string orchestra, abd when the first violins move over to join the seconds a soloist might be invited; once again there are several possibilities for solo instrument and strings (these listed in Orchestral Downloads),



This musical creative project was originally written for and dedicated to:

Maria Concepción Gorriz Idoate


Any known possible links of this music (audio, video, article etc.) –

Hear the version for Clarinet, Cello and Piano performed in rehearsal by B3 Classic Trio:


P.S. If you ever record this music (preferably onto YouTube) we would be delighted to add YOUR link here and in the Audio-Video section of the Web …


Enjoy the music !!


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