NO HASSLE TO HERBERT, Jazz/Classical fusion Piece – for Duo of Trumpet and Cello


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Johnstone Creations –  NO HASSLE TO HERBERT, Jazz/Classical fusion Piece – this music has been prepared for duo of Trumpet in Bb and Cello


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PDF 1 – Playing Score to read together (12 pages in all)


Brief Information:

An unusual piece for a most unusual duo combination of trumpet and cello. After an initial short ‘giocoso’ introduction, the main theme is set in a laid back jazz swing feel, and reoccurs throughout the piece as a type of Rondo with variations. Interspersed are several short sections and bridge passages, sometimes recalling other pieces in disguise.  It offers a fair amount of flexibility and expression, but also tests the resistance of the trumpeter (though top written ‘C’ and ‘D’ are the upper limits) and the technique of the cellist for the string crossings and other effects including multiple stoppings, tremolo pizzicato and even a short basic improvisation with the hand percussively tapping the body of the cello. This can be considered a high-powered and virtuoso (though well playable) concert piece for more advanced players.

Duration: approx. 4 mins

This musical creation was originally written for: Jon Herbert, trumpeter of  the band “Descalzos 66”

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