Scottish Song No. 7 – Annie Laurie (set as a concert piece) – FOUR CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA (easy to medium level)


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JOHNSTONE – Scottish Song No. 7 – “Annie Laurie”, presented as a concert piece for 4 Cellos or Cello Orchestra

(Easy ‘medium’ level) (Nivel ‘intermedio’ fácil)

Download Contents or Instructions:
PDF 1 – General Score (7 pages in all)
PDF 2 – ALL individual cello parts (11 pages in all)

The tempo indication is: Moderately slow



This is from a series of Scottish songs set by David Johnstone as concert pieces.  In the set, pieces labelled 1 to 3 are for six cellos and are of medium to advanced level (available from Johnstone-Music in the section 5-7 Cellos). They are also rather more intended for six solo cellists rather than for a large cello ensemble.

Numbers 4 to 9 are more comfortable technically; some parts use 5th to 7th positions, but thumb position is only very rarely called for in the upper most parts. In EVERY song, ALL parts share the melodic line although logically the first cello part shines the most in this respect. In all of these six songs, performance versions for 4 soloists or with a larger cello ensemble or orchestra are both perfectly possible (although a conductor might be welcomed in larger ensembles to keep everything together!).

Estimated duration of the six pieces for 4 Cellos (pieces 4 to 9): 20 minutes

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Enjoy the music!


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