SINFONIA OF PASSION – String Orchestra with a Variety of Two Different Soloists


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Johnstone Creations – String Orchestra with Two Soloists


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – General Score (35 pages in all)

PDF 2 – All Orchestral Parts (27 pages in all)

PDF 3 – Soloist Parts – Options A (45 pages in all)

PDF 4 – Soloist Parts – Options B (55 pages in all)


Soloist Parts – Options A: Violin-Viola // 2 Violins // 2 Violas // amy soloists in treble clef, non-transposing

Soloist Parts – Options B: 2 Clarinets // Clarinet-Viola // Oboe-Cor Anglais // Oboe-Viola  // Oboe-Clarinet


Brief Information:

This is an enigmatic work of David Johnstone, written in 2010. The unusual title of the composition has precise relevance to the manner of performance. The word ‘Sinfonia’ refers to the baroque ideals of a sinfonia as an overture or an extended introduction to an opera, religious work, or a theatrical .  Indeed the base of the harmony is very much guided by Bachian language.  However, from this formal base grow two ‘romantic trees’ – for the first part the slow moving melody line of the 1st Violin section of the orchestra, which shows certain resemblance or orientation towards Bruckner with the frequent tensions, suspensions, dissonances and the like, and which gives a late romantic feel to the work. Then, and additionally to this, are two beautiful individual soloist lines (well complementing each other) which sing out with real intensity over and on top of all the other proceedings. This great cantabile intensity is what is meant by the reference to ‘of Passion’ in the work’s title.


Duration: about 7’ 30”


This musical creation was originally written for: Each option of two soloists has its own dedication.


Any known possible links of this music (audio, video, article etc.) –

Complete by Orquesta Camerata Cambrensis:


Different Extract, of opening:


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Enjoy the music !!


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