THE SONG SONATA – Accordion and Piano Duo


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Johnstone Creations – THE SONG SONATA – this music has been prepared for Accordion and Piano Duo


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – Individual Accordion part (18 pages in all)

PDF 2 – Piano Part & score (31 pages in all)


Brief Information:

This was created as a ‘recital’ work, suitable for all professionally competent accordionists (and pianists), but equally conceived for promising younger players of some experience (medium level and upwards). There abounds a stylistic fusion in this work which gives equal protagonism between the two instruments – from Brahms to Elton John! One can see a 20th century gentle pop feel comined with classical sonata form, hence the title ‘The Sonng Sonata’.


Duration: 12-13 mins.


This musical creation was originally written for:

Nekanne Iturrioz (Head of Accordion Department, Navarre Superior Conservatoire)


Here ‘The Song Sonata’ can be heard in the following performances:

AUDIO * (1) The Song Sonata, for duo of accordion and piano

VIDEO * (2) The Song Sonata, for duo of accordion and piano

P.S. If you ever record this music (preferably onto YouTube) we would be delighted to add YOUR link here and in the Audio-Video section of the Web …

Enjoy the music !!


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