VidaLoKa’L 2 (Incidental music for short film) – TWO CELLOS


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Johnstone Creations – VidaLoKa’L 2 (Incidental music for film) – this music has been specially produced for two cellos. The parts are for two cello soloists, not suitable for doubling with larger ensembles.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – Playing Score for 2 Cellos (14 pages in all)

The tempo indication is:  A dozen short sections, generally pulse is comfortable (gemächlich)

General difficulty of the music – other brief Information:

DIFFICULT. This is difficult to perform, even by advanced players; the doublé stoppings may well present difficulties for médium level players. However, the tessitura is not high (only rarely in thumb position).

This work was the result of a commission by the Catalan film director Xavi Berraondo, for a town project of a short film by citizens of Berriozar, of the Navarre region. It is the sequel of the first (and related) short film, and David Johnstone uses nothing more than a duo of cellos for the music. He tries to make this a convincing concert work as well as incidental music, hence the highly cyclic material and the musical development or metamorphosis. There are two main elements; a Mahler-type expansive romantic melody and a melodic cell based on consecutive semitones (often sounding together). The language is both of late romantic style and also more modern (sometimes obviously atonal) influences. The music, performed on the concert stage as a ‘work’ will inevitably have very varied timings according to performers and even to the individual event, but nearly ten minutes might be stated as a rough reference.


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Enjoy the music !!


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