VIOLIN AND VIOLA FRIENDS – Octet of 6 Violins and 2 Violas, or Symphonic Upper String sections


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Johnstone Creations – VIOLIN AND VIOLA FRIENDS – this music has been prepared for Octet of 6 Violins and 2 Violas, or Upper Strings Symphonic Sections of Orchestras

Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – General Score (16 pages in all)

PDF 2 – Violin I, A and B players AND Violin II, C and D players (16 pages in all)

PDF 3 – Violin III, E and F players AND Viola, A and B players (16 pages in all)

Brief Information:

This work is a reworking – and definite improvement – on the original  composition Violin  Company which was written in 2001 for the very unusual combination of an orchestra comprising solely the upper strings.  It is a soft ‘pop-classic’ piece in the form of an instrumental song. The orchestra – without cellos or double basses – produces a constantly lyrical sound in which all instruments take turns with melodic importance, but the violas and third violins hoften have the vocal harmonic accompaniment. It can work equally well played by 8 soloist or an entire orchestra of upper strings, in which case the violins have to divide up into three principal sections and not the normal two!

Duration: nearly 8 mins

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Enjoy the music !!


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