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String orchestra/Chamber Orchestra


The following items are extra pieces of Johnstone, which are not planned for publishing preparation but are presented here (generally) in a clear hand-written manuscript copy in a PDF file. We are very pleased for you to have a copy of these works. You are free to make any additional photocopies, and to publicly perform or record the work.

FREE PUBLICITY - If you care to inform of any public performance, no matter how important or not the event might be, we would be happy to give your event free publicity on the johnstone-music web page. To take advantage of this, simply visit the ‘Contact’ section in and leave a message with the details in ‘Performances’!   Please try to write, if possible, 2 weeks or more in advance with any information so we are able to prepare the details (but in any case do write all the same, even if just before the performance!).


All visitors to this page should note that most of the important compositions of David Johnstone are commercially published in beautiful presentations by CREIGHTON'S COLLECTION - and these works can be seen clearly in the johnstone-music Web Page in both the 'Sheet Music' and the 'Shopping' sections. It is well worthwhile to enter the publisher's own site at - clicking into 'Sheet Music' and then into 'Johnstone Music'. There you can find full details of every published work, and be able to browse for programme notes, front cover images, music page samples, an updated catalogue, and (often) music audio extracts.

Enjoy the music!!!


Las obras para orquesta son muy variadas, ingeniosas y accesibles para músicos de todos los niveles; seguramente estimularán la imaginación de quien las escuche.

The Works for orchestra are very varied, ingenious and accesible for musicians of all levels; they will surely stimulate the imagination of those who listen to them.

Carlos Ariel Gracia Báez, Mexican/Spanish Conductor (and cellist) - Artistic Director of the Academy of St. Matthews', Guest Conductor of the Orchestra di Camara dalla Sardegna, President of the Collegium Musicum de Galicia

I consider that ALL of the pieces for string orchestra are very interesting for people browsing the web for interesting and popular repertoire, and these both for professional players and students.

Considero que TODAS las piezas para orquesta de cuerdas son muy interesantes para la gente mirando a la web para encontrar repertorio interesante y popular, y estas ambas para músicos profesionales y para los estudiantes.

CAROLINE COLLIER - British conductor resident in France, artistic director of the chamber orchestras 'Camerata Cambrensis' and 'Sinfonietta Academica'.

Piezas maravillosas para orquestas pequeñas

Marvellous pieces for small orchestras

JOANJO ALBINYANA - Spanish solo pianist, chamber musician and Conductor, former conductor of the 'Orquesta Filarmónica de La Rioja' (Spain)

Son unas obras muy interesantes, siendo además muy adecuadas para el trabajo de orquesta de los alumnos de grado profesional.

They are very interesting pieces, also being very adequate for orchestral work in the professional level music conservatoires.

PEDRO MIGUEL AGUINAGA - Violin teacher and orchestral conductor at the San Sebastian 'Francisco Escudero' Music Conservatoire (Basque Country, Spain). original music scores

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