DVORAK orch.Johnstone – CONCERTINO Op. 100 JM (based on the Violin Sonatina) for String Orchestra with Soloist Violin or Viola, or Cello, or Double Bass


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Antonin DVORAK – CONCERTINO Op. 100 JM – Orchestrated for String Orchestra with Soloist Violin or Viola, or Cello, or Double Bass by David Johnstone

This orchestration is dedicted to Michaela Fukačová


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 Conductor General Score


PDF 2 Cello Soloist Part


PDF 3 or alternatively with Viola Soloist


PDF 4 or with Double Bass Soloist


PDF 5 or with the Violin ‘original’ soloist part


PDF 6 Orchestral Violin 1 part


PDF 7 Orchestral Violin 2 part


PDF 8 Orchestral Viola part


PDF 9 Orchestral Violoncello part


PDF 10 Orchestral Double Bass part




On the 22nd November of 1893 in New York Dvorak noted down a sketch of two themes of a planned Sonatina for cello and piano, no doubt inspired by the sketches for the violin and piano sonatina, completed on this very same day! This Sonatina in G major for violin and piano (Czech: “Sonatina G dur pro housle a klavír“), Op. 100, B. 183 – was the very last chamber composition he wrote during his sojourn in the United States. Unfortunately he never returned to work on the cello ‘creation’ despite the fame of the violin sonatina. Maybe he simply decided the make a cello version of the violin sonatina available? A cello version was indeed published the following year, but to be honest the editor Simrock made a slight hash of things in his attempt to get the work better known; unfortunately there are dozens of little mistakes in the cello part!

All the movements contain themes, which, like those already found in his other American chamber works, owe their inspiration to Indian melodies and Negro spirituals, which are characterized by pentatonic scales and syncopated rhythm, among other traits. The mood of the composition is fresh and joyful. Only the second movement and part of the last movement are nostalgic; they are inspired by the composer’s longing for his home country. However, in presenting this as a ‘Concertino’ I have maintained the long tradition of a three-movement work; this means that the Scherzo is not orchestrated. This new orchestration could suit all ‘normal’ bowed instruments (violin, viola, cello, or double bass), for the tonality is never changed from the original violin and piano duo. Indeed it is occasionally heard as a duo in concerts and in recordings with viola or cello.

The slow movement Larghetto was hurriedly noted down on Dvořák’s shirt sleeve while on a visit to Minnehaha Falls, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Simrock sold this movement separately, without the composer’s permission, and Fritz Kreisler often performed it as the ‘Indian Lament’. It also appeared as ‘Indian Canzonetta’; but such romantic titles were not of the composer, but were added subsequently by publishers.

For cellists, if one remembers that the famous Cello Concerto in B minor dates soon afterwards – from 1895-96 – this so mature ‘Sonatina’, now possible as a ‘Concertino’, could make an interesting coupling for enterprising soloists! And….a new concerto work for other string players!

Enjoy the music!


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