ACCORDION CONCERTO – Complete Orchestral material and Reduction for Accordion and Piano


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ACCORDION CONCERTO – Complete Orchestral material and Reduction for Accordion and Piano

Johnstone Creations – ACCORDION CONCERTO – this music has also been prepared for Accordion and Accompaniment (Reduction for Piano) apart from the original orchestral edition. It all comes together in one presentation, not possible separately.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – Individual Accordion part (36 pages in all)

PDF 2 – Orchestral General Score – Movement I (85 pages in all)

PDF 3 – Orchestral General Score – Movement II (37 pages in all)

PDF 4 – Orchestral General Score – Movement III (59 pages in all)

PDF 5 – String Orchestral Parts (104 pages in all)

PDF 6 – Wind Orchestral Parts (47 pages in all)

PDF 7 – Piano Reduction – Movement I – Piano Score (34 pages in all)

PDF 8 – Piano Reduction – Movement II – Piano Score (12 pages in all)

PDF 9 – Piano Reduction – Movement III – Piano Score (25 pages in all)


All music has been professionally computer edited by Carlos Ariel Gracia Baez



The Accordion Concerto of David Johnstone is structured in three ample movements following the romantic form of the great concertos – the first movement is a potent ‘Allegro moderato’ and is in sonata form; the second is elegiac and has the title of ‘Cantilena’; and the last is a ‘Rhapsody-Finale’ subtitled ‘vivo – scherzando’ and which contains a soloist cadenza near to the end.

In total the composition has a duration in performance of around 35 minutes (allowing for small breaks between the movements). It is very easy to programme – only needing the ‘classical orchestra’ of strings (perhaps 6-6-4-4-2 minimum players recommended), 2 oboes and 2 horns. Although for this scoring it might seem as a result a simple work, it is, to the contrary, a composition containing substantial weight of writing for the orchestra, and where the accompaniment is frequently ‘symphonic’. Stylistically one might ascertain influences of Prokofiev and Shostakovich, but also earlier classicists such as Brahms and Schumann. However, these cannot be described as exactly influences because the language is original ‘Johnstone’ – “half-tonal”, beautiful, produced with some of his finest meticulous craftsmanship.

This musical creation was originally written for:  Nekane Iturrioz, Angel Luis Goñi, y Salvador Parada.


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Accordion Concerto – Third Movement:


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