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Johnstone Creations – ERNEST BLOCH – Prayer (Piece No.1 “From Jewish Life”) – this music has been specially produced for five cellos. Also for solo cello and larger cello ensemble.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – All individual cello parts – no score (13 pages in all)


The tempo indication is – Andante moderato


General difficulty of the music – other brief Information:


Ernest Bloch composed his three pieces From Jewish Life in 1924 and dedicated the set to Hans Kindler, solo cellist of the New York Philharmonic, who had previously given the successful premiere of the Hebraic Rhapsody for cello and orchestra “Schelomo” (Solomon), Bloch’s best known work. The overall atmosphere is one of intense sadness and introspection, and the series is concerned far less with virtuosity than with the peculiar power of expression that invariably distinguished such archaic and timeless themes as Bloch chose to employ in this work.

Johnstone uses the piano accompaniment part to write the four accompanying cello lines (cellos 2 to 5). In chamber music (quintets) then all lines should be obvious if the solo cellist can lead the music. If a score is needed for larger cello ensembles then please use the piano accompaniment part for the conductor, commercially published by various publishers, and you should not have any problems!


This musical creation was originally written for: Rodolfo Zanni


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Enjoy the music !!


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