BULL, Ole – Solitude on The Mountain (Sehnsucht der Sennerin) – 3 CELLOS/CELLO TRIO – Scandinavian/Baltic Cello Trios Series 16


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BULL, Ole – Solitude on The Mountain (Sehnsucht der Sennerin) – 3 CELLOS/CELLO TRIO – Scandinavian/Baltic Cello Trios Series 16


PDF 1 – General Score / Partitura General

PDF 2 – All Individual Parts / Todas las partes Individuales


Scandinavian/Baltic Cello Trios Series


1 – Valse, Op.59/3 – Christian SINDING
2 – Wagenlied (Berceuse) – Emil HARTMANN
3 – Serenade (‘Wetterleuchten’) – P.E. LANGE-MÜLLER
4 – Lied des Wüstenmädchens (Song of the Desert Maiden) – Otto MALLING
5 – Romance, Op.26 – Johan S. SVENDSEN
6 – Rustic Dance (from the Opera ‘Little Kirsten’) – J.P.E. HARTMANN
7 – Ave, Maris Stella – Edvard GRIEG
8 – Mückentanz (Dance of the Gnats), Op.20/5 – Fini HENRIQUES
9 – Wiegenslied (Berceuse) – Niels W. GADE
10 – Gavotte, Op.50/5 – Christian SINDING
11 – Sérénade, Op.132/4 – Ludvig SCHYTTE
12 – Chant de ‘Veslemöy’ (La jeune fille qui chante) – Johan HALVORSEN
13 – Capriccio (Mazurka) – Nicolaj HANSEN
14 – Andante Religioso, Op.22/9 – Fini HENRIQUES
15 – Liebesgesang (Song of Love) – G.C. BOHLMANN
16 – Solitude on The Mountain (Sehnsucht der Sennerin) – Ole BULL

In arrangements for THREE CELLOS Prepared by DAVID JOHNSTONE

Level of difficulty: Medium-to-difficult

All pieces in this series are dedicated to OLA KARLSSON,

a wonderful Swedish musician with a lifetime of experience as solo cellist, orchestral principal cello, chamber musician, recording artist, cello professor, and conductor





Ole Bull was born in Bergen, Norway on 5th February 1810; he was the eldest of ten children. His father wished for him to become a minister, but he always desired for a musical career. At the tender age of four or five, he could play all of the songs he had heard his mother play on the violin. By age nine, he was playing first violin in the orchestra of Bergen’s theatre and was even an invited concerto soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. Surprisingly therefore, at eighteen he was sent to the University of Christiania, but embarrassingly failed his examinations (certainly not the first time this has happened to a ‘famous’ – Debussy and Martinu also succumbed to this) !

He then joined the Musical Lyceum, a musical society, and after its director Waldemar Thrane was taken ill, Bull was invited to become the director of Musical Lyceum and the Theatre Orchestra in 1828. Strangely, he decided to move and live in Germany for a period where he pretended to study law, then on to Paris but was said to have fared badly there for a year or two. However, bit by bit, he was soon successful in becoming a high-level virtuoso, giving literally thousands of concerts. In England alone these included a staggering 274 events in 1837 alone, during which visit he was also able to travel to some of the remotest parts of Britain. In 1836, Bull married Alexandrine Félicie Villeminot. They had six children, but only two survived him, and Alexandrine died in 1862.

In the summer of 1858, Bull met the 15-year-old Edvard Grieg. During the 1860s and 1870s Bull went on several tours across the U.S., often accompanied by soprano Varian Hoffman, baritone Ignatz Pollak, and pianist Edward Hoffman. He was the orchestral leader (concertmaster) at the National Peace Jubilee (15-19 June, 1869) which featured a gigantic orchestra of 525 players!

In 1868 Bull met Sara Chapman Thorp (1850–1911), the daughter of a prosperous lumber merchant from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. On a return visit in 1870, despite their age difference (he was 60, she was 20), Bull began a courtship, and the couple was secretly married in Norway in June 1870, with a formal wedding in Madison later that year. They had one daughter, Olea (1871–1913).

Ole Bull bought the island of Lysøen in Os, south of Bergen, in 1872. He hired the architect Conrad Fredrik von der Lippe (1833–1901) to design a residence on the island. Bull died from cancer in his home on Lysøen on 17th August 1880.

Robert Schumann once wrote that Bull was among “the greatest of all,” and that he was on a level with Niccolò Paganini for the speed and clarity of his playing. Bull was also a friend of Franz Liszt and played with him on several occasions.

He is believed to have composed more than 70 musical works, but only about 10 are known today. Best known is ‘Sæterjentens søndag’ (The Dairymaid’s Sunday). Important to mention is that he was caught up in a rising tide of Norwegian romantic nationalism, and fully acclaimed the idea of Norway as a sovereign state, separate from Sweden — which became a reality in 1905.


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The following have taken his work onboard, sometimes with special collaborations as composer-arranger-performer: the Philadelphia Orchestra, Orquesta Sinfónica de Euskadi, Orquesta Sinfónica de Venezuela, Orchestre Nouvelle Generation de Montreal, the Gulbenkian Orchestra (Lisbon), Orchestra da Camera del Locarnese (Suiza), The Zagreb Soloists, the Saint Petersburg Musical Theatre “Zazerkalye” Chamber Orchestra, the Wroclaw Chamber Orchestra Leopoldinum (Poland), Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (New Zealand), Camerata Cambrensis (Basque country), Essener Philharmoniker (Germany), Ensemble Metamorphosis of Belgrade (Serbia), with Ara Malikian (Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra – Madrid), and a long etc.. Currently, many courses, conservatoires and music schools, university String departments etc. use his repertoire; there are dozens of his arrangements on ‘You Tube’ …
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