DOUBLE BASS PROJECT – BASS IN BACH – 18 original pieces in Bach style for Solo Double Bass – VOLUME TWO

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Johnstone Creations – DAVID JOHNSTONE – Bass in Bach – VOLUME TWO – this music has been composed and prepared for Double Bass Solo.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – Double Bass music and extensive notes both in English and Spanish (28 pages in all)


Contents of this volume – Preude (Fugue) in E // Ouverture in C Minor (Introduction) // Prelude in E // Courante in A // Gigue in C // Toccata in E // Toccata-Fantasuia in F // Largo (Sicilienne) in E Minor (with optional 2nd Bass) // Arioso in F(with optional 2nd Bass)


Brief Information:

Music very similar to Bach composed for young and/or less experienced musicians  which sounds good and convincing but is actually a far bit easier than our maestro Bach himself! The goal here is to create modern day ‘Bach ambience’ pieces, enough to convince 95% of the listening public, but which are not academic Baroque period purities. These 18 pieces are conceived for the ‘modern’ instrument – we are looking at NEW pieces featuring Bachian influences. They are all easier than the level confronted in the First Cello Suite of J.S. Bach and so the promise is that they will be enjoyable…

[do see the other Volume!]


Duration: the pieces are miniatures (between one and four minutes each number)  but the duration in total is over 45 minutes, and if played in its entirety by different numbers of performers then one should calculate an event of nearly one hour’s duration.



This musical creation was originally written for: Dale Henderson, cellist from U.S.A. and founder of the International Bach movement “Bach in the Subways”


Any known possible links of this music (audio, video, article etc.):

* Arioso, from the series of 18 pieces ‘Breaking into Bach’ sister version for 2 Cellos
Cellist Carlos García Amigo plays/records BOTH parts (adding some extra harmony personal!)


P.S. If you ever record this music (preferably onto YouTube) we would be delighted to add YOUR link here and in the Audio-Video section of the Web …


Enjoy the music !!


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