PAIN (Dolor) – for solo Cello with accompanying second cello


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Johnstone Creations – PAIN (Dolor) – Enigmatic piece for solo cello with an accompanying second cello.


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PDF 1 – Playing Score (4 pages in all)


Brief Information:

An small piece that exudes great intensity and feeling, as suggested in the piece title.. Of sufficient  musical interest to be played alongside other larger compositions or as an ‘encore’ by professionals, it is also well within the grasp of younger players of a medium level – thumb position is not required, though most basic combinations of diatonics and chromatics will be needed with their finger extensions. The harmony is not specifically romantic, at least in its majority, but it is both tender and impassioned in often rather more ‘neutral’ harmonies, perhaps with a film sound track feel. The piece also offers a fair amount of flexibility and rubato, giving those soloists with imagination and feeling plenty of scope to try interesting things!

Duration: approx. 3 mins

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Enjoy the music !!


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