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Johnstone Creations – HABANERA ‘La Bella Lola’ – this music has been specially produced for two cellos or groups of cellos of all sizes.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – Playing Score – musicians read comfortably from the score (4 pages in all)


The tempo indication is – tempo di habanera


General difficulty of the music – other brief Information:

EASY – key G Major

The first part has all the melody and uses the first four positions and the octave harmonic ‘A’ (better pressed down as 5th position if possible). The second part has the typical habanera rhythm and is straightforward; all in first position without any extension.

‘La Bella Lola’ is one of the oldest known habaneras, and little is known of its authors, both of the music and the lyrics. The song describes the beauty of a woman and of the sea, alongside the person who is walking. Some think that it may be of Mexican origin, and about the middle of the 19th century. But others think that it is more likely to be from Cuba (at that time, a Spanish possession).


P.S. If you ever record this music (preferably onto YouTube) we would be delighted to add YOUR link here and in the Audio-Video section of the Web …

Enjoy the music !!


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