Johnstone Creations – POP PIECE based on ‘Going Home’ – 6 CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA


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Johnstone Creations – POP PIECE based on ‘Going Home’ (orig. Dire Straits – Mark Knopfler) – this music has been specially produced for six cellos, but is absolutely ideal for large Cello Orchestras!

Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – ALL Cello parts (26 pages in all)

PDF 2 – General Score (27 pages in all)

The tempo indication is: Andante – Moderato


General difficulty of the music – other brief Information:


This is not particularly difficult even though some registers for the top parts are high.

This musical creation was originally written for: Soncello – Association of cellists from Galicia (Spain)

Any known possible links of this music (audio, video, article etc.):

From Navarre, Spain – HelloCello! Ensemble:

P.S. If you ever record this music (preferably onto YouTube) we would be delighted to add YOUR link here and in the Audio-Video section of the Web …

Enjoy the music !!


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