JOHNSTONE – Oration – SOLO CELLO AND CHAMBER ORCHESTRA [with complete orchestral material]


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Johnstone Creations -JOHNSTONE – Oration – this music has been specially produced for solo cello and chamber orchestra (strings, 2 oboes and 2 horns)

Download Contents or Instructions:
PDF 1 – Cello Soloist (7 pages in all)
PDF 2 – General Orchestral Score (36 pages in all)
PDF 3 – Orchestral parts (51 pages in all)

Oration is a medium scale work of some 10 minutes for Solo Violoncello and string orchestra. It is structurally speaking the ‘sister work’ to the composer’s Poème Élégiaque for solo String Trio and chamber orchestra. In fact, the solo cellist has virtually identical lines in both works. It was written in 2009, and comprises one single movement in rhapsodic form, though one may feel that the idea of the repetition of material perhaps almost represents verses. The orchestral writing is always ‘tonal’ or ‘semi-tonal’. One might ascertain a possible similarity with some of the writing of Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams and Bloch, but one cannot call these names real ‘influences’, because the language is original ‘Johnstone’.

This musical creation was originally written for: Isabel Morales Castilla

Link of the sister work –
David Johnstone – Poème Élégiaque, for Solo Violin, Solo Viola, Solo Cello and String Orchestra:

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Enjoy the music !!



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