JOPLIN – The Easy Winners (Ragtime) – 4 CELLOS or CELLO ORCHESTRA


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SCOTT JOPLIN – The Easy Winners, A Ragtime Two-Step (1901) – this music has been specially produced for Four Cellos or larger ensemble of cellos – suitable for being rehearsed/performed and use in the Cello class etc.


Download Contents or Instructions:

PDF 1 – General Score (12 pages in all)

PDF 2 – All individual cello parts (15 pages in all)


The tempo indication is – a Gentle 2, not too fast


General difficulty of the music – other Information:


“The Easy Winners” is a ragtime composition by Scott Joplin. One of his most popular works, it was one of the four that had been recorded as of 1940. The title of the composition is a reference to athletes who win a sporting event without difficulty. The cover depicts scenes of baseball, football, horse racing and sailing.
The composition follows the structural pattern typical of many Joplin rags, although the pattern is extended to include an introduction before strain A and another before strain C, or the trio. Thus, the structure reads: Intro A A B B A Trio-Intro C C D D
According to musicologist and Joplin biographer Edward Berlin: “Easy Winners must be judged one of Joplin’s great works. It has a classical balance between its strains, its moods, and in its progression from the smooth calm of strain A to the sporadic agitation of strain D.”
In keeping with the sports theme of the composition, Joplin begins the trio with an introduction that is reminiscent of a bugle call signaling the beginning of a horse race.
The four cello version of David Johnstone is largely based upon the saxophone quartet arrangement of Jacques Larocque, although Johnstone introduces numerous subtle changes in order to make this more “cellistic”, and he also carefully bows every part and gives more detailed articulation marks. It is possible to play and perform in either quartet or larger cello ensembles; it needs cellists with a number of years of experience, but might be classed as only ‘medium to difficult’.


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