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A suite in three movements for 4 accordions

Performance time 14 mins

PDF1 – General Score

PDF 2 – part for Accordion 1

PDF 3 – part for Accordion 2

PDF 4 – part for Accordion 3

PDF 5 – part for Accordion 4 – Bass accordion

The idea of this Suite is none other than to add to a long tradition of ‘salon music’, or to be more precise, ‘salon pieces’ in this Suite of three movements, that can also be performed perfectly well as individual pieces. Each piece has been conceived as a well-crafted creation, with care taken of the distribution of the material, the registers and effects of each of the four instruments and in the counterpoint and imitation developed, therefore hoping that these pieces might be able to take their place as ‘first-class’ salon music … !.

Piece No. 1 – ‘Allegro grazioso’ (Mediterranean Skies): this is an elegant piece with a gentle melody, a delicate accompaniment, generally all very transparent, which all put together gives a feeling of the romantic ‘swing’ which one can often feel in many of the Mediterranean zone countries – sunny days, far removed from the grey clouds and cold weather of other parts of the continent! The small central section contains a part of especial interest and expression for the second accordionist. {approx. 5’30”}

Piece No. 2 – ‘Habanera’ (Tempo di habanera, tranquilo): In this piece the ambience places us in an authentic traditional Habanera full of sweetness and sensuality, especially tranquil and calm. This movement, the first written of the three, contains some motives which re-appear in the other movements. Johnstone makes us remember the words of Manuel de Falla when he said that the Habanera is really none other than the ‘Andalucian tango’. {approx. 4’00”}

Piece No. 3 – ‘Tarantella-Scherzo’ (Allegro comodo, ma con fuoco): the last piece displays constantly energetic rhythms, but also warmly ‘cultivates’ an endearing gracefulness as a result of incorporating varying characteristics of the Tarantella, which is found principally in the southern part of Italy: however one can also see in this composition the influence of the Scherzo, regularly used from Beethoven’s age onward by many of the great classical and romantic composers. Above all, the general forward propulsion and counterpoint between the four instruments convert the work in a piece of virtuosity. {approx. 4’30”}

The performance in public of the complete work has a total duration of about 14 minutes.

This work is dedicated to the ‘Lehia’ Accordion Quartet of Navarre (Spain), and to each of its members:

Nekane Iturrioz, Garbiñe Sertutxa, Angel Luis Goñi, and Izaskun Andueza.

The world premiere was given by this group in February, 2005, in the concert series ‘Matinales Musicales’ organized by the Town Hall of Pamplona and held in the concert hall of the Hotel Iruña Park of Pamplona, Spain


A note from David:

“If you wish to have a very professional quality copy of this music, set with high quality paper in a deluxe edition please contact the publisher CREIGHTON’S COLLECTION for a prompt delivery at an economical price – recommended for performance. It has a sharpness of image superior than you will find in the Johnstone-Music web shop”.

 [Creighton’s Collection
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