SONATA – Solo Tenor Saxophone (La Tumba del Capitan Walker)


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Johnstone Creations – SONATA, La Tumba del Capitan Walker (The Grave of Captain Walker) – this music has been prepared for Tenor Saxophone Solo


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PDF 1 – Individual part and important compositional notes (11 pages in all)


Brief Information:

A highly programmatic work, depicting a pilot in the Second World War who, having been shot at, crossed the Pyrenees and almost was in safety when an engine failure launched him to his death. He fell on the village of Peña, Navarre, who on 11th November 1943 were by chance celebrating their saint day. His grave is maintained to this day. This sonata of four movements depicts all the trajedy, for those that read Spanish there are considerable notes offered in Spanish.


Duration: 11-12 mins


This musical creation was originally written for: Sergio Eslava


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Enjoy the music !!


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